Keegan {20 days}

Beautiful Keegan is a rainbow baby for his parents and was such a good boy for our photography session. Here is a little collection from his gallery.

Newborn photography is best during babies first 10 days as this is when baby is most relaxed and poses so beautifully and womb like. However, it is not always easy to make it into the studio by then. Keegan is a perfect example that even at 20 days you will receive a beautiful gallery of photographs. 


Keegan 12.jpg
Keegan 2.jpg
Keegan combo 1.jpg
Keegan 8.jpg
Keegan Combo 2.jpg
Keegan 5.jpg
Keegan Combo 4.jpg
Keegan 13.jpg
Keegan 3.jpg
Keegan 4.jpg
Keegan 9.jpg
Keegan combo 3.jpg
Keegan 1.jpg